Jumping for Joy in Peterborough

Bounce (MK)

Apex Planning Consultants was really pleased to help the UK’s first indoor trampoline park gain planning permission in Milton Keynes – and Bounce (MK) is now a very successful leisure business, situated opposite the Stadium:MK development.

So we were delighted when the same client asked us to help them prepare a planning application for a new trampoline park in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

The client had already looked at a number of sites and we had given them our opinion with regards to their suitability from a planning perspective. It was eventually decided that the best possible site was at Wedgwood Way, Peterborough, which we believed had a good chance of being accepted by Peterborough City Council.

The Planning Application Process

The architect and Apex Planning Consultants worked together to produce the planning application and accompanying planning statements, and we submitted them within the tight timetable that had been stipulated by the vendor.

The property is a warehouse building on the edge of an employment site, close to public transport and residential areas. Our application showed that there were no other suitable buildings available for an indoor trampoline park – which carries a Class D2 leisure use – within the town or local centres, therefore, this should be deemed to be an acceptable location. We also showed that the proposal adhered to all relevant planning policies and could be considered to be a sustainable development because customers could use the nearby bus stops, cycle or walk to the trampoline park.

As always, we worked closely with planning officers before submitting an application to ensure that any problems were ironed out before submission. Despite them assuring us there were no issues however, an objection was raised on a highways matter. This was easily addressed – we briefed a highway consultancy and gained from them a Transport Statement, which supported the application and addressed the concerns raised by the highway officer. An objection on highway matters from a third party was also addressed.

The planning officer then informed us that permission would be granted – but there would be a number of conditions. We challenged one of these, which would have required our client to undertake more work than was necessary, and this was subsequently removed.

Permission Granted

The result – permission granted, with some reasonable conditions imposed and Bounce can continue to expand its business. We look forward to working with them again as the company continues to grow. To find out more about Bounce, visit their website here.

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