Residential Development Planning Consultants has an excellent track record in submitting local planning applications and achieving planning permissions for residential developments, whether it is for a single dwelling or a larger scale housing development.

We can assist individuals, developers, land investors, public institutions, Trusts and other bodies seeking planning permission.

What to consider

We strongly advise that all clients commission an initial appraisal before work begins on the preparation of local planning applications.

This planning appraisal allows for the client to understand the potential for permission to be granted, the possible risks, and the strategy to be used in the planning application.

It is also often the case that a planning appraisal assists by speeding up the planning application process by identifying all the issues that need to be addressed, therefore, ensuring that the client is aware of all the costs upfront.

Other considerations

Local planning applications should be based on sound research, robust pre-application negotiations with planning officers, a coordinated approach between different consultants, for example, including architects, highway consultants and flood risk engineers.

Essentially, planning permission is obtained when a well-defined planning proposal has been backed by good quality justification. Apex Planning Consultants achieve this where there is, in principle, policy support and or where other material considerations justify the grant of planning permission.

How we can help

We can help determine and advise you on whether any local planning applications and proposals involve:

  • Urban or rural housing;
  • Town and City centre development;
  • The redevelopment of greenfield/brownfield sites;
  • Affordable housing;
  • Small or large-scale development
  • Residential development as part of a mixed-use scheme

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