Welcome to Apex Planning – a team of independent Town Planning Consultants based in Milton Keynes

We are a team of independent country and town planning consultants that give straight-forward advice, tailored to your needs.

In our experience, there is no guaranteed ‘one-size fits all’ approach to planning, and therefore we take care to listen to our clients so that we understand their requirements, before giving them the help they need.

Appraisals & Applications

The planning process is complex, meaning developers and landowners will often require assistance to prepare planning and listed building applications. Alternatively, if an application has been refused, an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate will need to be processed. Luckily, Apex's town planning consultants can help!

Communication is essential which is why we advocate clients first, opting for a planning appraisal which can assess the merits of their proposal. When a development scheme is ready, if necessary, we will work with a network of consultants to prepare and submit your application or appeal. We can coordinate and brief all of those third party consultants that are necessary, including architects, transport and highway consultants, ecologists, heritage consultants and more.

When considering the change of use of land or a building, it's not always necessary to have planning permission. Thus, our team of town planning consultants will be pleased to advise you on your requirements.

Appeals & Objections

We are proud of our commitment to promoting high quality design and developments, and we agree that not all proposals meet the standards we share with clients. For this reason, we also act as objectors to planning applications and appeals, where it is considered a development will cause harm.

It is our attention to the client that ensures we develop long-term relationships with them, becoming the go-to planning consultancy firm.

Contact one of our town planning consultants today for more information.

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Apex Planning for Health

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