Four Year Planning Enforcement Becomes Ten

Apex graphic to accompany new planning enforcement rules

A change in the length of time, from 4 to 10 years, that it takes for unauthorised developments to become lawful, could see an increase in enforcement action… New Rules could Catch-Out Unlawful Developments Historically, operational development (for example building an extension, or building a house and occupying it without planning permission) could take place…

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Planning enforcement action

Apex Planning Chain link fence

When planning rules are not followed carefully, the threat of enforcement from the council can be alarming. Apex Planning Consultants explains how it works… In our last blog of 2019, we looked at some of the successful cases that we have dealt with. Here in the first blog of 2020, let’s look again at one…

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Planning terms made easy

Apex Ancient Woodland

Do you know your brownfield from your greenfield and why a building is listed? Follow our simple guide to some of the key planning terms and all will become clear! Affordable housing These homes include social rented, affordable rented, intermediate and shared ownership housing that can be available for either sale or rent, and offer…

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Planning enforcement – a simple guide

Planning enforcement

  We conclude our 2018 series of simple guides to the labyrinth of planning procedures, with a focus on the subject of planning enforcement…   What is planning enforcement? If any development happens without planning permission or one fails to comply with the requirements of a planning condition, the local planning authority can use its…

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