Apex Garden Office

How Covid has changed the rules for garden offices

25th June 2021

The rise in workers needing an office space at home has pushed the case for garden offices to be allowed through permitted development… Demand for Garden Buildings Over the past 18 months the world of working from home has been opened to a wider proportion of the population than ever before. As last spring’s lockdown…

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Apex New Planning Bill

Autumn debut for planning bill

25th May 2021

Following the publication of the white paper ‘Planning for the Future’ last summer, planning developments look likely to move forward as the Planning Bill has been brought forward to this autumn… New Planning Bill There are changes ahead – and sooner than we thought – as it looks likely that the planning bill that is…

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Apex High Street

Permitted development changes – another nail in the coffin for the High Street?

28th April 2021

We turn our attention once more to permitted developments, as yet more change could give the green light to homes on the High Street… Class E Properties Permitted development rights have seen quite a shake up over the past few months, much of which we have covered before but there’s another raft of changes that…

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Apex Permitted Development Rights

The highs and lows of the new Permitted Development Rights

29th March 2021

Changes in existing Permitted Development Rights will make it easier to extend homes to create new dwellings, and maybe even help to revitalise the high street without miles of red tape, but the changes have also raised some concerns… Permitted Development Rights Permitted Development Rights (PDR) allow property owners and developers to carry out certain…

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National Design Code

Looking good – a new national design code

19th February 2021

Beauty and placemaking are the focus of proposed changes to the NPPF and a draft national design code Tree-lined streets are just one of the changes we can expect to see on new developments in the future if the government’s draft proposals pan out. Following the publication of the Planning White Paper Planning for the…

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Apex Planning Review 2020

2020 – A Year in Planning

29th January 2021

2020 was quite a year to say the least. We take a look at how the planning world has responded to the pandemic and how it is looking to the future… Quarter One 2020 Take yourself back to almost a year ago. Back in February 2020, we were hearing tales of a terrible virus in…

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Apex Planning process

The need for speed in planning

16th December 2020

The latest consultation looks at speeding up the planning process and making it more flexible, but will the proposed moves make much of a difference? It’s all change (again!) for the planning process, but is this a good or bad thing? Following on from the white paper that we have considered over the past few…

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Apex Planning system technology image pexels-thisisengineering-3912474

How technology could change the planning system

24th November 2020

In our latest article looking at the Government’s planning white paper, we consider how technology and digital communication could improve the system… Technology and digital communication has certainly shown its worth since March 2020, as more meetings and processes have gone online in a bid to keep things running as smoothly as possible while the…

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Apex Planning White Paper Pillar 3

Developer Levy Changes on the Cards

31st October 2020

We take a final look at the Government’s planning white paper, this time focusing on Pillar Three – planning for infrastructure and connected places… This month we focus on Pillar Three of the government’s planning White Paper, which looks at planning for infrastructure and connected places. If you’ve been reading our monthly blog, you’ll remember…

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Apex Planning white paper beautiful developments

Looking good – planning White Paper focuses on beautiful developments

28th September 2020

This month we focus on Pillar Two of the government’s planning White Paper, which looks at creating communities and sustainable homes… If you’re keeping up with our monthly blog, you’ll know that in August we explored the bones of the government’s lengthy White Paper entitled Planning for the Future. However, there’s a lot more to…

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