Development Planning

Apex Planning Consultants has a long history of gaining the right results for planning applications in order for development planning to progress. From applications for a single house to large housing developments, we have helped everyone from individual land and homeowners, to land investors, developers, public institutions and trusts, in order to gain the relevant planning permissions to achieve their goals.

Our services include:

  • Initial appraisal, advice and consultation – all on an impartial basis
  • A site visit, if it is considered necessary
  • Investigation into the site planning history
  • Production of architectural plans or drawings, utilisng the services of third parties taken from an extensive database of good quality architects, as needed to give a professional impression of your plans
  • Obtaining pre-application advice from Council planning departments, following presentation of a case to support your proposal and interpretation of this to advise clients on how to proceed
  • Production of a Planning Statement covering all the planning legislation, national and local development planning policies that are relevant
  • A summary of any national case law that will strengthen a planning application
  • Liaising with and submitting planning applications to the planning department
  • Managing the application from start to finish, offering any professional representation to the planning department that is needed

We advise that the first step in any development planning process is to commission an initial appraisal before we start work on the planning application itself. In our experience, we have concluded that this appraisal helps the client to understand the likelihood of permission being granted, any risks, and the best strategy for pursuing the particular application. We have also found that this appraisal not only speeds up the whole process, as everyone is initially aware of any issues, but also that the client has a more realistic idea of the costs involved before embarking on the process.

In order to obtain building planning permission, the following needs to happen…

Apex Planning Consultants can:

  • Acquire in depth discussions with planning officers before the application is submitted
  • Co-ordinate consultants such as flood risk engineers, architects, highway consultants, ecologists etc
  • Provide sound research
  • Construct a planning proposal with solid and reasoned justification for the development
  • Demonstrate to the local authority that the relevant development planning policies and any material considerations have been addressed before plans are submitted

We specialise in residential business planning, which means that we are able to offer advice and professional help for varying developments.

These include:

  • Either rural or urban housing
  • Developments in towns or city centres
  • Redeveloping both Greenfield and Brownfield sites
  • Affordable housing
  • Both large-scale and small development
  • Residential development as part of a mixed-use scheme

Finding your way through the minefield of planning permission and planning applications is far easier if you have specialist consultants on board, helping you take the application from initial appraisal to completion. This is where Apex Planning Consultants can help. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss our work or for more information on our development planning service.