Additional Services

Most planning application or appeals fall under the wide ranging category headings of residential, rural, commercial and industrial developments. However, there are other equally important areas of planning where Apex Planning Consultants can assist clients.

These areas include:

  • Certificates of Lawfulness (Proposed and Existing Use or Development);
  • Listed Buildings;
  • Conservation Areas;
  • Planning Appraisals; and,
  • Enforcement Appeals

A more detailed list of services provided by Apex Planning Consultants is provided below. You are, however, encouraged to speak with us about any concerns or queries you have and we will always endeavour to either help you ourselves or to direct you, as appropriate.

Renewable Energy

Apex Planning Consultants has developed a wealth of expertise in the field of renewable energy. This includes proposals relating to wind energy and anaerobic digestion. Such proposals often generate objections relating to issues as far reaching as landscape and visual impact, noise, smell, flicker, highway safety, traffic generation and others.

We are able to advise clients in respect to all these areas and assist them with their proposal.

Other Services Provided

  • Planning Appraisals
  • Planning Strategy
  • Planning, Conservation Area & Listing Building Applications
  • Planning Appeals
  • Enforcement Appeals
  • Certificates of Lawfulness
  • Advertisement Applications
  • Change of Use Applications
  • Equestrian Applications
  • S.106 Agreement Negotiations
  • Design & Access Statements
  • Project Coordination
  • Representation at Planning Committee
  • Development Plan and LDF Advice
  • Planning Objections
  • Planning History Searches and Reports
  • Permitted Development Assessments
  • Pre-Application Negotiations

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